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Traditions are never old and irrelevant; while we need to understand and appreciate the importance of our Chinese heritage, we also have to acknowledge our shared heritage of the Nanyang that embraces a marriage of different cultures in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Dance Ensemble Singapore Arts Company (DES Arts) is recognized to be the anchor of Singapore’s Contemporary Chinese Dance, which maintains a solid foundation of traditional Chinese Dance philosophy under the guidance of Mdm Yan Choong Lian (Founder).

Yan Choong Lian (Mdm)

Yan Choong Lian (Mdm)

Founder & Artistic Director

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Sharon Low (Ms)

Sharon Low (Ms)

Dance Director

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Cai Shiji (Ms)

Cai Shiji (Ms)

Creative Director

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Goh Yan Dan (Ms)

Goh Yan Dan (Ms)

Resident Choreographer

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Our Vision

With the passion of being a professional dance company that is representative of Singapore and the local arts scene. We aspire to commit to the following guiding principles:

(1) To reflect our cultural identity through dance
As a dance company that aims to preserve our heritage and promote Chinese culture, DES Arts will continue to develop our distinctive identity in the local arts scene with our diverse performing styles incorporating the fluidity of Chinese classical dance with the swift dynamism of the Wushu technique.

(2) To be a professional Chinese dance company that is representative of Singapore and its people
By redefining Chinese dance to reflect the cosmopolitan identity that is Singapore, we will continue to push past the frontiers of Singapore’s arts scene with our own unique brand of Chinese contemporary dance that is modern yet exuding the splendor of our rich heritage.

(3) To uplift our local artistic standard
We will nurture multi-talented performing artists of international caliber to invigorate the local arts scene with fresh talent as well as collaborate with internationally-renowned choreographers and dance organizations to inject refreshing perspectives into our works.

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聚舞坊“鞭影II”刚落幕,我自己在完成演出后的一种特别复杂的心情俗称“演出后遗症”(Post Performance Blues),让我既失落,又满足。

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