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Dance Ensemble Singapore Arts Company (DES Arts) is recognized to be the anchor of Singapore’s Contemporary Chinese Dance; while maintaining a strong foundation of traditional Chinese Dance philosophy under the guidance of Mdm Yan Choong Lian (Founder).

Songs of the Wind is our latest production in progress that gains inspiration from our Straits-Chinese heritage. Audiences may expect an exquisite balance of oriental and contemporary display of the human-movements; seeking to evoke the memories of our fading local heritage that is embedded within our identity.

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With the passion of being a professional dance company that is representative of Singapore and the local arts scene. We aspire to commit to the following guiding principles:

(1) To reflect our cultural identity through dance
As a dance company that aims to preserve our heritage and promote Chinese culture, DES Arts will continue to develop our distinctive identity in the local arts scene with our diverse performing styles incorporating the fluidity of Chinese classical dance with the swift dynamism of the Wushu technique.

(2) To be a professional Chinese dance company that is representative of Singapore and its people
By redefining Chinese dance to reflect the cosmopolitan identity that is Singapore, we will continue to push past the frontiers of Singapore’s arts scene with our own unique brand of Chinese contemporary dance that is modern yet exuding the splendor of our rich heritage.

(3) To uplift our local artistic standard
We will nurture multi-talented performing artists of international caliber to invigorate the local arts scene with fresh talent as well as collaborate with internationally-renowned choreographers and dance organizations to inject refreshing perspectives into our works.

聚舞坊台南交流之旅 -追朔与传递-

聚舞坊台南交流之旅 -追朔与传递-

出生于台湾高雄,完成我的舞蹈学位于台北,接着在美国纽约州立大学Purchase College 舞蹈研究所取得我的硕士学位。 离开我的故乡多年,与聚舞坊当代艺团回到台湾表演,对我来说有一层特别的意义,像是追朔我舞蹈生涯的旅行。在去年加入聚舞坊之前,我在美国读书和工作四年的时间,在海外生活,能回到家乡的机会难得,更何况是回来演出。这次的艺术交流是在台湾的古都台南,少了台北繁华的城市氛围,南台湾充满着亲切的乡土人情。在台南古都,人们亲切有礼,言行举止之间流露出真诚踏实的气质,这是在异乡漂流多年的我,觉得格外的亲切及温暖。...


聚舞坊“鞭影II”刚落幕,我自己在完成演出后的一种特别复杂的心情俗称“演出后遗症”(Post Performance...
敬仰,怀念恩师- 李淑芬老师

敬仰,怀念恩师- 李淑芬老师

新加坡华族舞蹈之母,您的坚毅精神,无私的爱,永远留在我们心中。 1979,考进新加坡国家舞蹈团,李淑芬老师为华族舞蹈编导,同年被派往印尼雅加达文化艺术表演,为在一场演出时,李淑芬老师为怕狮团的现场气氛不够,却自己拿起了手拔加强声量与气势,老师的才智机智,多才多艺,献身精神,为我往后办团,的不畏惧,不弃不离,让我在艺术生活增长智慧,从直落雅逸艺术中心,搬离到滑铁卢,不停的游牧似的办团,筹募建团。虽辛苦但有意义,才能为学校,社区,做出表演艺术的制作与贡献。 谢谢老师,您的敬业风范。...
Yan Choong Lian (Mdm)

Yan Choong Lian (Mdm)

Founder & Artistic Director

Sharon Low (Ms)

Sharon Low (Ms)

Dance Director

Cai Shiji (Ms)

Cai Shiji (Ms)

Creative Director

Goh Yan Dan (Ms)

Goh Yan Dan (Ms)

Resident Choreographer

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